From Design to Reality.


Zayleon's advanced production facilities are equipped to turn ideas into reality. Our CNC machinery allows us to intricately shape wood, plastic, foam, and metal into their final stunning forms.


High quality fabrication & exclusive designs.

Custom MDF Creations

We are Master of the MDF-Verse. Creating complex creations from the fiber board is one of our favorite things to do. We specialize in embedding lights and technology in there as well.

Real Wood

Prefer real wood? No problem!  Whether its Cedar, Pine or hardwood - we can handle it.

CNC Router

For precision designs - this is the way!  Custom designs and cuts in foam board, plastic sheet, plywood or MDF.


Things should be built to last.

Certified MIG/TIG Welding

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum - when our Certified Welder walks into the room he has them all melting in his hands.

CNC Plasma

Our precision CNC plasma slices thru plate metal like a light saber thru a Skywalker.

Powder Coating

Zayleon's 500 cu. foot oven allows us to put a resilient powder coat on most of our metal work.... or cook a really large pizza.


Transforming traditional crafts — with a shot of modern savvy!

Hard Coated Foam

Want a unique look? Hard coated foam is a rock-hard coating which protects and beautifies carved Styrofoam projects. 

3D Printing

Zayleon's high end 3D printers is great for creating small props and prototyping.

Vacuum Forming

Zayleon has a 4ft x 8ft vacuum forming table perfect for wall & ceiling panels or custom lightweight shells.

Laser Cutting

Precision cutting of plastics and hardboard - we are just missing the sharks.

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Our Work